Technology, the shiny lure…

19. April 2017 IV Wisdom 0

We all love technology…and at times hate it.  By its very definition though, technology is only a tool.  The fork you use with your dinner, the screw and the driver that you used to fasten a hook to the wall.  Each element is a piece of tech.  We take much of it for granted, but it’s there.  For some reason, as we try to tackle less tangible problems – like those we constantly face in marketing – we get distracted by the tools.   We pickup tools that look or sound great but we don’t clearly define our problem.  We get swept up in the romance of new tech.  The great peril comes when we can’t see that we are using hammers on screws.  When we are so married to the tech, that the problem it was supposed to solve becomes a nuisance we tolerate.

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